Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Snowflake heart bunting

Here's a quick and cheap little project that's ideal for Christmas.

It's my snowflake heart bunting.

What you will need:

Paper (Any, sheet music would look awesome)
String or wool
A pen to mark out the heart shape
Any extra ribbons or embellishments if you wish.

Start by folding the paper in half and draw half a heart shape with the middle along the folded edge:

Cut out the heart shape and start folding:

When you have folded it as much as you can, start cutting pieces out:
Make sure you cut a small piece out fairly near the top for the string or wool to pass through.

If you plan on having all your hearts the same, then remember the pattern of the cuts you've made and repeat til you get as many as you want.

When I cut all my hearts out I put them under some heavy books for a while to flatten out all the folds.

When your hearts are ready, thread the string or wool through the small holes you made, taking care to make sure that the string is threaded behind each heart so that it is mostly hidden.

Space the hearts evenly and add any final embellishments, ribbon bows etc and hang!

You don't have to just have hearts either, regular snowflake shapes are great or instead of cutting a heart shape in step one, maybe a star or circle? A Triangle would give you a lovely traditional bunting triangle shape.

Have fun!

Love & craftiness!

Claire xx


Well hello!

Tempus fugit eh?

Thought I should get on here and update what's happening with the kitchen project etc.

Well not a lot's happening at the moment as we still need to get a guy in to do the complicated woodwork bits. Namely the sink hole, the oven door window hole and cut to door size & the fridge doors (as well as fitting a cat flap lol).

But I have covered the outside of the fridge in the cream gloss vinyl and put some red vinyl up for the kitchen walls which looks a lot better::

I just have to get the sink hole cut so that I can fit the sink bowl and use granite fablon for the work top, then I can stick the tile splash back up. (Tile splash back is actually tiled kitchen wallpaper from B&Q and we only need a small sample sized amount which they gave us for free!).

That's where we are on the play kitchen at the moment, in other words a little bit stuck :D

In the middle of being stuck and not able to do anything, I've been keeping busy (other than with real life lol) with making play food to go in it.

Having a renewed interest in crochet, I found this great website where you can find almost any crochet pattern for anything you need! Best of all they're all free!

I found this pattern for a chocolate cherry cupcake and used some fluffy pink wool for the frosting.

I also found this awesome pattern for a chocolate chip cookie, fairly easy but you have to sew the chips on which took a little while.

This is how they turned out, all in all it probably took me around an hour to make the pair of them.

Daisy loves them & we have great fun having a pretend cup of tea and cookie together!

Love & craftiness!

Claire xx

Thursday, 11 October 2012


So it's been about 3 days since the dresser/kitchen arrived and I've been busy!!!

Firstly, fridge update.

I have covered the inside of the fridge and freezer all over with white self adhesive vinyl (Ebay) fitted a sticky LED strip push light (also Ebay) & fitted the shelf.

The shelf is actually an A4 sheet of frosted perspex I bought on Ebay (sensing a theme?) for about £3.
I fitted it by putting 4 screws underneath the shelf to act as a bracket so that the shelf could be removed for cleaning etc.

Here's photographic explanation :-)

Forgot to mention, I've also applied some brushed steel effect self adhesive vinyl to the feet of the fridge too.

We picked up the little ice cream tubs from Asda when we went as they were on offer & also the plastic ice cube tray which was 3 for £1!

So onto the kitchen itself now.

I have taken the right hand door off as it's going to be re sized as the oven door & I have covered the interior of the oven section with black self adhesive vinyl (also Ebay lol).

I bought a fantastic set of 20 red LED rice lights from Ebay for about £4 that are battery operated and I have attached them to the top of the oven using more of the black vinyl to hide the wire and the battery pack.

I've attached the battery pack to the side of the oven so that the switch can be easily turned off and on, and I used sticky backed velcro to attach it to the side so that should the batteries need changed, it can easily detach and reattach.

On finishing that, I then turned my attention to the hob on the top.

I stuck aome more of the brushed steel vinyl to the top and then cut out 4 hob rings using some of the black vinyl. I did this by carefuly cutting around a large coffee cup with a craft knife.

I've put the little oven knobs I was given from Too good to waste along the side for show, but I plan on painting them black with plastic paint and supergluing them down at some point.

So there we have it for now. Next job is to try and get a jigsaw to cut holes for both the round stainless steel bowl (the sink) and also a window for the oven door. (Which also needs trimming to size)

I'm going to try and use a large circular drill bit to drill out the holes for the taps & need to order the worktop fablon and red vinyl for the wallpaper.

Updates soon.

Love & craftiness!

Claire xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


It's here!!!

Yes, the dresser I wrote about in the previous post has been delivered!!

I'm super excited and so eager to start the big project,

I caved and put the cook books on the shelves already and put the little bits I got for her kitchen on the unit so she could play with it in the meantime with her little friend on their play date.

So here it is in all it's unfinished glory!

Updates soon on it's progress!

Love & craftiness!

Claire xx

Friday, 5 October 2012


I have just been to a place that can only be described as an aladdin's cave for up/recyclers and have come away with some absolute finds of the century!

A few weeks ago we we're visiting the in laws and happen to notice that they had a rather nice new settee and chair set. I asked my father in law Ron where he had bought them thinking that he was going to say from a high quality store. I was taken a back when he said he'd got them from a charity shop place called "Too good to waste" in Porth!

Naturally, I had to investigate. So off we went on Wednesday on an epic journey to plunder this fabled place of it's bargainous booty.

A thunderstorm, a few arguments about directions and 20 minutes later we had arrived!

The place was quite tucked away from the main road and nestled in Standard industrial estate territory and could easily be overlooked if you weren't specifically looking for it but arrived we did.

And this was the sight that beheld us:
Row upon row of amazing furniture bargains and homely knick knacks, both beautiful in their own right and a crafter's dream at the same time!

I was giddy with excitement as i literally skipped around the rows filling my basket with assorted goodies.

I picked up a gorgeous crocheted bedspread for my sister in law who had wanted one, a fairy fancy dress outfit for the princely sum of £1 for my little girl & some little knick knacks for crafting on a rainy day.

It was then that my attention turned to the larger items of furniture.

After seeing some very inspirational photos of play kitchens that people have made out of old American TV entertainment units (see link below) I thought to myself why not? I had actually been toying around with designs for it for a couple of weeks but the same of this kind of sized old furniture and the cost of even the cheapest chipboard material need to create it proved challenging.

Pintrest's Play Kitchen Collection

I set about the rows trying to find furniture of a suitable size and shape to convert.

At the back I noticed quite a few bookcase type dressers and display cases. Right at the end of the row I noticed an old 70's bookcase type arrangement with two small cupboard units at the base. My little girl Daisy ran straight to it and I noticed that it was the right height for kitchen units!

I looked up for the price tag expecting it to be around the £50-£80 that I'd seen in most other charity shops for furniture of this type and saw that it said £10! It had to be mine!!!
I took the label off and started off to the till at a quick pace before the young students who were hanging around the area could steal my bargain before me.

 It was whilst I was power walking in old school Harold Bishop style to the till when I spotted a rather beaten up little nightstand to my right.
It had seen better days but was only marked up at £5 and I then had a eureka moment, a fridge!!!
It was exactly the right size and shape for it and due to the configuration of the play kitchen, I'd had to sacrifice a fridge and dishwasher space for the oven and washing machine I'd planned on putting in it.
The fridge could sit next to the kitchen not unlike the spectacular SMEG fridge we'd had in our holiday cottage in Devon in September.
I snatched the label for that too and hot footed it to the till.
The whole lot including the delivery for the tall unit came to £25!!!

I decide to take the little night stand with me as it fitted nicely in the boot and quite frankly I was desperate to get it home to start planning and buying bits for it.

As I was getting it into the boot I noticed the was quite a few bits of unsellable furniture and old ovens at the back of the warehouse. I had another idea.

I went back in and asked about any taps or oven knobs they were going to throw away. The very helpful lady came back with some beautiful brand new looking chrome taps and little white oven knobs. she said they were just going to be thrown away and I could have them for nothing but as it is a charitable organisation and had already saved a lot of money already I gave her £5 for them and then set out for home.

And this is the fridge unit in it's original state:

 As you can see it's pretty beaten up but structurally sound!

I plan of converting the bottom part into the fridge and the top part into the freezer compartment.

I'm going to put new doors for each section on and paint the whole thing cream with a white interior for both sections.
I have ordered up a sheet of clear frosted perspex on Ebay to create a shelf in the middle of the fridge that will not only look like the glass shelves you get within regular fridges but will let the light shine through the entire unit.

Which neatly brings me to the next purchase of an LED white push light. It is like the little round battery push lights you can get in most shops for under cupboards etc but instead of being round, it is in a long strip.

I had thought about somehow wiring in some model railway LED lights with a battery pack but the push light is simpler and will hide behind the plinth on the door.

My third purchase that I made was in respect to the chrome letters spelling out SMEG on the fridge.

After finding a photo of the fridge as inspiration, (see below) I found that the chrome letters that go on cars to spell out car model names such as Fiests or Corsa etc were ideal! The font is pretty close and the size was perfect. I found a seller on ebay who sells them for 99p each, not bad considering only 4 were needed.

I've still got to get to B&Q to buy the paint and something to hold the shelf up plus the doors, hinges and handles but I'm hoping to start it all pretty soon so watch this space.

The bookcase unit is being delivered next Tuesday too so I will put up photos of it when it arrives too.

In the meantime here's the website for Too good to waste

Love & craftiness!

Claire xx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Welcome! Hello! Would you like a cup of tea and a biscuit?

How do you start a new blog post? lol.

Well here goes!

I decided to create this blog to share my craft projects, recipes, general musings and ideas.

Since I've become a stay at home Mummy to my 2 year old daughter, I have taken a keen interest in craft, upclycling and exploring my creative side with the little time I am afforded each day.

Whilst most of my projects are not original (mostly from Instuctables.com & Pintrest) I usually like to put my own take or further details onto the project & hopefully can help and inspire other people to get creative & take up crafts.

I'm also not your usual Cath Kidston toting "Yummy Mummy" either (not that I don't like the odd Kidston and the occasional Orla Kiely to boot). But I'm a lot of different things, hippy, frugalista, free spirit, arty, young at heart and just a regular Mummy.

I don't always get my materials from John Lewis or posh art & craft shops, I love it when I can come across things that I can turn into beautiful or fun things for free. For instance, I've just rescued a fabulous broken golf umbrella stuffed into a hedge along our street, rescued the fabric and will hopefully be turning it into something funky soon. My long suffering husband is used to seeing me coming home with weird and wonderful stuff to recycle, upcycle or just generally muse upon & insists each time I must've been a crazy bag lady in a former existence and sometimes in this one too!

So that's pretty much what I'm about, it's been a pleasure to have had you look at my blog, hope you'll enjoy my future posts and ramblings.

Let me put some cake in a tin for you.

Claire xxx